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New Features added in Version 1.64:

Native 708 closed captioning - compare 608 and 708 simultaneously External audio via USB audio cards to use headphones - great for noisy environments.

Version 1.60 released:

PTP IEEE 1588 display with network scan Ping and Traceroute for network troubleshooting IP transport stream playout

New features added to IPQ1000 Version 1.55:

DigiCipher II (DCII SCTE-57) support added

New features added to IPQ1000 Version 1.53:

Alarm logging, logs retrievable by USB and web server IGMP v3 PCR measurements and alarms

IPQ1000 Media Stream Analyzer Released

The IPQ1000 is a handheld MPEG transport stream analyzer focused on making video over IP more intuitive and easier to diagnose.

IPQ1000 Media Stream Analyzer

Tresent Technologies is proud to announce the IPQ1000 Handheld Media IP Analyzer! The first Tresent Technologies website is available. We will be adding to this site over time.
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